stimulating home gardens

In Lushington there are 2 major challenges to start a vegetable garden: free ranging cattle and no reliable water source. As cows, sheep, goats and pigs are roaming around free through the village you need a good fence around your veggie garden or else they will destroy everything. 

Water in Elundini Village comes from a borehole in the nearby forest. A diesel pump pumps the water up to a reservoir. From there it flows to different taps spread over the village. Nobody in Elundini's got water inside the house. With 20L buckets people collect the water from the communal taps.

Often the diesel pump breaks down and for weeks people are without water and have to collect water from the river again about 1km away, before a mechanic comes in. People with a veggie garden have lost their crops as it was difficult to water their veggies. Storing rainwater from the roof in raintanks can help to get through these periods.

Thanks to ‘Kapel De Lusthoven, Belgium’ we were able to install our first water tank at a local family’s house. This family lives just outside Elundini village and can’t make use of the communal water taps as it is too far. They are also active farmers and grow their own food.
All their household and drinkable water comes from a nearby river as well as the water to spray the garden. This thank will change their lives forever.

Also a second tank has been donated to 2 sisters who are active gardeners.

We distributed already over 2kmof fencing material for people to start veggie gardens or to repair their old fence. Once the fence is installed or fixed we will donate 1 fruit tree.

Do you want to help other families with a water tank, fencing material or fruit trees? Together we can make Elundini more self sustainable.

Water tank: €400 - 50 meter fencing net: €50 - Fruit tree + bag of compost: €10