permaculture garden for local creche

This year (2018) we focussed on establishing a permaculture garden for our local kindergarten. With all the free land surrounding our village it only comes natural that we grow our own food instead of buying it at the shops. Groceries for the local creche are done once a month in Alice (25km from Elundini) with fresh veggies being finished towards the end of the month. Our local shops in the village doesn't sell fresh vegetables. 

So this is how we started. We used the community ground next to the kindergarten and fixed the old fence. Sam Collett, an expert in permaculture who volunteered with us for 6 months, made a permaculture design with space for vegetable gardening, fruit trees, potato field, composting and future green house and recycling centre. Local youth came to help dig the swails and establish raised beds. Thanks to sponsering we could buy 40 fruit trees. An angel helped us with a water tank and irrigation material. We harvested our first spinach already the other day. 

In the mean time the elderly from the village stood up to maintain the vegetable garden. With produce from the garden we will also start to cook once a week for all the gogo's that are helping out. Hopefully this might be the start of an Old Age Centre.