learn to earn to own.

Focusing on youth,skills training, establishing sustainable businesses and generally improving peoples daily lives.

For this we started a Non Profit Organisation called LEO (Learn to Earn to Own).

covid-19 Update

Needless to say these are though times for all of us and also for the people in the Elundini Community. In the days before the lock-down we have been focusing on educating our community members about the virus, spreading home made water bottles to be able to wash hands with running soap water at the shop and at people's homes, keeping our communal taps safe and setting up a rescue plan in case of an outbreak in our community. 

In the weeks to come we will focus on food security in our village. Most people in our community are pensioners who will continue to receive their social grant in order to buy food. But other people in our community are depending on extra help from relatives in the city who are now also unemployed and without an income because of Covid-19. These people lived below the poverty line their entire life and this will only get worse.

Thanks to the local Chief and generous donations from people in Hogsback we were able to give all our community members in need a food parcel during the month of May.

As we believe this crisis will last longer than just a few weeks or even months, our community market garden project has been setting up a green house and planted seeds to grow into seedlings for our home growers to be able to grow food. Crops have been planted which will be distributed to families in need in a couple of weeks. 

Are you willing to help with a donation toward a food parcel (estimated value of R650 or 40 Euro) or to sponsor a tray of vegetable seedlings (estimated value of R180 or 10 Euro)? Please find here our bank details:

LEO Community Project, Account Nr.: 62550729374, Branch code: 210219, Ref: Food parcel or Food Garden

Paypal: lieveclaessen@yahoo.com

In the mean time....stay home and stay safe from the whole Elundini Community!!!!


 An empowerment and creative movement that facilitates skills, business development, educational programs for people from Elundini village and the greater Lushington area.


 A movement that provides educational experiences and facilitates skills development. Clients will be empowered to improve their conditions, function effectively within their communities and develop entrepreneurial skills to manage micro-enterprises that will enable them to sustain themselves and improve the quality of their and their families lives.

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