Because of the needs in the area, LEO will be involved in social support and empowerment of the local community. The empowerment process being facilitated through the diverse range of projects managed by the organization, all of which are directed at promoting social, economic and emotional upliftment of the Lushington community.

The Lushington community is part of the Nkonkobe Municipality, situated in the Eastern Cape. It has rural villages scattered widely with no infrastructure in so far as employment in these areas are concerned.

These communities are held together by women acting as single parenting and the aged taking care of OVC's, living off child grants and their meagre pensions. Eligible men need to find work away from their homes, and we all know the repercussions of that situation. Teenage pregnancy is fashionable as young girls find it easier to survive on child grants, as opposed to finding employment. HIV/AIDS is rife, and the alternate results are alcohol and drugs. The crime rates increase as a matter of survival.

The organization offers a safe, welcoming, nurturing and stimulating environment for the socially disadvantaged people, particularly women and youth, and those affected and infected with HIV/AIDS. Catering to the psychosocial, physical, spiritual, and socio-economic upliftment of the Lushington community.

Clients are encouraged and assisted to participate in activities that facilitate the development of skills that enable greater life choices, and are trained to create products that will facilitate income generation and sustainable job creation in the long term. In addition, the programs run at LEO enables the showcasing of skills and talent within the community, visiting tourists , and the greater Eastern Cape and beyond.