other opportunities

In Lushington there are amazing business/commercial opportunities given we find investors/partners/funding.

We have lots of available free land for development which is community owned. Presenting a vast Agriculture/Livestock opportunity, the Prince, Village Chief and Community board has granted us the permission to explore investment. Naturally these ventures offer employment opportunities to the community at large.

-For one there is Wattle (an invasive nasty tree species). Miles of this forest, with a sustainable income and employment opportunity for both men and women and youth during their school break, encouraging the hope of higher education to become a reality. Wattle is presently used for the building of mud huts, firewood and the commercial opportunity here is to turn this into charcoal/briquets and compost. We have a buy-in agreement from the Spar group and are awaiting confirmation from the Engen garage nationally to distribute charcoal/briquets. This will be marketed and labeled as a LEO project. A further support mechanism to sustainability.

-Plants for the essential oil industry: Located Hogsback, only 20 km from Lushington, Essential Amathole has been established to produce a range of organic essential oils and medicinal plant extracts and products for the global, national & local markets.The company is part of the growing essential oils industry in South Africa, and brings its benefits to a part of the country that needs it most. Essential Amathole is based on an innovative community-private-public partnership model, which benefits the local community by creating sustainable jobs through the cultivation and production of essential oils and related products.

-Lastly! Hemp! If government gets to grips with the legalities, ready takers worldwide, given everyone is going green (textile, building blocks, oil, etc).

These are all projects we want to look into in the long term, as it requires a lot of money to start-up. But step by step we will get there.

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