I always say: in Lushington there shouldn't be any poverty!!! The way forward is agriculture, agriculture, agriculture. There is communal land for 'mahala' (free). We have a community tractor. Our dream is to start a community farm. We bring sons or daughters back from the cities, who grew up here, who studied agricultural science and who can run a farm. There are a lot of elderly people with a lot of knowledge who can form the board. If we can get funding together to clear the land, install fencing, irrigation and the pay for initial wages....

Once the farm is making a profit, we can use that money to improve the local schools, to give a young entrepreneur the chance to set up his own business, to create a scholar fund for local kids to go to university....just to name a few. 

Everything start with a dream. Together we can make a change!!!

But first things first. Let's start in our own backyard and create our own vegetable garden.

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